30 March 2015

632. Off Color Brewing Troublesome

Very light for being labeled as a wheat beer. Goes down really smooth and easy with no real body to it. The coriander flavor is present in the aftertaste, but I still think this is way too light and lacks anything to clasify it as a wheat beer. 

28 March 2015

631. Twin Peaks Knotty Brunette

Twin Peaks' second "house brew" offering. Similar review as the Blonde. It's very standard, but very drinkable. I enjoy it and don't mind drinking it, but there's nothing making it amazing. 

630. Twin Peaks Dirty Blonde

One of two "house brews" offered by Twin Peaks. It's a very standard blonde ale. A good offering, but nothing too special about. Still easy to drink with good flavors. 

629. Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale

A little too dry and hoppy for my typical ale desires. It's not a bad beer, it's quality, and I would drink any one that was ever given to me - but there's so many beers I would rather be drinking. 

628. Sun King Cowbell Milk Porter

One of the lesser Sun King beers I've had. Kinda watery and not much flavor. The hint of chocolate does still around in the aftertaste, but there's not much flavor while I'm drinking it. Just blah. Doubt I'll ever drink it again.  Many, many better options from Sun King. 

23 March 2015

627. Epic Brewing Element 29 Pale Ale

Typical Hoppy Pale Ale.
Heavy, dry and hoppy. 
Any HopHead will enjoy it, but it's just not what I tend to enjoy. Still a quality product, but nothing sets it aside from any other Pale. 

07 March 2015

626. Carson's Brewery Red Dawn

Obviously it's called "Red Dawn" - I should be watching. Patrick Swayze right now, sadly, I'm not. But the name alone got me to buy it. 

It's a very interesting blend. He wheat flavor is obviously there and it's thick, but there are also bold and bitter flavors from the Amber ale present. It's a very interesting blend. It's drinkable, but nothing that I would purposely pick. It's not bad by any means, but not exactly what I crave. 

625. Indiana City Roulette

Really smooth and easy with no bitterness at all. Very good and rich flavors that leave a wonderful aftertaste. Super enjoyable, and yet another quality product from my favorite Indiana Brewery. 

624. Carson's Brewery Brown Cow

An Indiana brewery I've been wanting to try, but since they are over three hours away, it's been a little difficult. Finally broke down and bought some bottles. 

I'm a big fan of brown ales, it's one of my favorite styles. The aroma of this beer is amazing, from my first sniff, I enjoyed what I was taking in. When drinking the beer, it's a pretty standard Brown Ale. Nothing really stands out, but I do enjoy drinking it. It's a great recipe and nails what I expect fr this style. I would drink it regularly, because it's really enjoyable. The more I drink it, I notice it's one stand-out thing might be the sweetness in the finish. Seems to be a little more than most. 

623. Revolution Brewing A Little Crazy

Not my favorite from Revolution, but it's ok. Not as full bodied as most Belgians that I like, and a little hoppier than I expected, until I realized this is also considered a Pale Ale. So, that explains that. It's ok, but there's much better beers from there.