26 August 2017

997. Short Fuse Golden Shower

At Wizard World, we walked down about a mile south of the convention center to try the food and beer here.  They have only been open for two months, and I really dig the location.  It’s all ages, it has nice garage doors, and the staff is super dope.  Our bartender happened to be the Chalk Master of the Beer Board, so it was fun to talk to him about his craft.

Really awesome place, and a good quality beer. It’s a pretty standard blonde, light and refreshing and easy to drink with my food.  I hope to come back and try more beers from this place.  

996. 10 Barrel Brewing Pub Beer

Late nightcap, impromptu Bodega purchase. 
Nothing special to report.  
Light, crisp, easy to drink.  Goes down smooth and easy with hardly any flavor. It will be gone quick and I will be in bed for the night.  Hotel room drinking at its finest.   

25 August 2017

995. Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue

This is a pretty standard Pale Ale. It’s drinkable, but not my favorite.  Very dry with mild bitterness.  The more I let it warm up, the easier it gets to drink. 

994. Hopewell Outside Voice

A super-light Blonde Ale, some good flavors.  Goes down really easy, a good outdoors/session beer.  Not much too it, besides good flavors.  

993. Hopewell First Lager

You’ve heard me say “Glorified Miller Lite” - yep.  It’s drinkable.  Nothing special. 

992. Allagash White

Pretty standard Belgian wheat beer.  It’s smooth and tasty, goes down really easy - with some mild spices in the back end.  Nothing overpowering, but a little bit of extra leftover flavor. 

21 August 2017

991. New Holland Kourage

Really good, standard brown ale.  
Nothing stands out, because it exactly what I expect Brown Ales to taste like. It’s enjoyable, and I don’t mind drinking it.  Could do a few of these a night. 

990. New Holland Y2K

Nice Barleywine taste up front, but the backend and the aftertaste aren’t my thing.  Two very distinct flavors here, and I don’t enjoy the one that lingers.  The initial drink is nice and sweet, almost sugary - but then it settles down dry and almost bitter-like.  

989. New Holland Jubilee

WOW!!! 😳
That’s what I taste when I drink this beer.  
It is big and medium-bodied, but from the first sip until three minutes later - my mouth feels like I shoved a handful of cherries into it and let it sit there. 

The more I drink, the easier it gets to drink. 
If you love cherries, you’ll love this. 

20 August 2017

988. Sun King Dragon’s Delight

I’m the past, I have tried to go downtown to try the Sun King Gen Con Beers in the midst of the excitement.  Sadly, this year my schedule didn’t allow it - and I had to grab a four pack from the Fisher’s location.  Still happy I did - and wish I could have been anongst my fellow nerds while I drink it for the first time.  

Very nice and malty drink filled with deliciousness. 
I enjoy the flavors, they are very robust and full - no dry or bitter anywhere.  It drinks easy, but feels very full.  After two drinks, I had to pause, feeling like my stomach was taking in something very heavy.  It’s tricky.  It seems light and easy to drink, but feels heavy in my stomach.  The flavors are very enjoyable.  

19 August 2017

987. Blind Owl Piña Colada Milk Stout

Really interesting mix of flavors here. 
It’s a very light and easy to drink stout, the lactose obviously cuts it down and makes it really easy to drink.  The pineapple flavors come through while drinking and there is a mild coconut flavor in the aftertaste - obviously not enough to satisfy me, I’m still looking for a new perfect coconut beer - but this was very enjoyable.  I doubt I would drink a lot of them, but I could do one each drinking session. 

18 August 2017

986. Short’s Soft Parade

Very enjoyable Ale to drink.  
I might have been hoping for a little more sour flavors to this beer - which it lacks.  But that’s my fault, not the beer’s.  

Light, yet very full bodied, it goes down slow and smooth over my tongue, depositing lots of great berry flavors - which linger in the backend and aftertaste.  

I could describe it as if a Wheat Beer and Dry Wine had a bastard child.  

And obviously, I had to cue up The Doors whole drinking...

16 August 2017

985. Yeastie Boys Bigmouth

Stopped by the new burger joint, BurgerFuel to check it out. Underwhelmed with the food.  It’s good, but not for the price.

Saw a beer I hadn’t had - Yeastie Boys Bigmouth, so I wanted to give a try.  Makes sense, BurgerFuel is a company from New Zealand, so they offer a beer from New Zealand.  Well, the brewery is from New Zealand - but the can states that this beer is brewed by BrewDog.  So that’s cool. 

The beer is a typical IPA.  Heavy and hoppy.  Floral/citrus flavors are present, but not enough for me.  

09 August 2017

984. Short’s Slurm Lord

I do love the label for this beer:

983. Round Town K.I.S.S.

982. Chilly Water Cherry Sutherlin

This beer does not look like a Wheat Ale. 
It’s very clear, not cloudy.  
It drinks easy, and does not taste like a Wheat Ale until the aftertaste.  
I do not get much Cherry in the flavor.  
It is a fine beer, but nothing amazing, I had hoped for more. 

981. Chilly Water Maggie’s Farm

Really easy to drink, and light Farmhouse Ale. 
It’s nothing exciting, but it is light refreshing. 
It says that it is brewed with Brettanomyces, but there is not really any true sour to this beer.  It has faint hints of fruity notes, but far from sour.  

Still good.  
Still enjoyable.  
Easy to drink on a hot afternoon. 

980. Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen

This is an odd beer. 
It’s not cloudy.  
It doesn’t really taste like a Hefeweizen.  
The Raspberry flavor is very subtle.  
This beer is light and easy to drink. 
It’s not bad, but it’s not good. 
It’s okay.  I don’t mind drinking it, but I don’t care about it.  

979. Blind Owl Anniversary Belgian Golden Strong

Really good beer. 
10% makes it something I can’t do a lot of, but it is a tasty drink. Really good flavors, very standard Belgian flavors. The aromas are nice and it drinks exactly like I would expect it to.  

978. WarPigs Lazurite

Not a bad IPA, and funny that just a few nights ago Inwas talking about how hard it was for me to find a 3 Floyd’s that I really liked. This is one of their better ones, and I enjoy it. It’s not a super dry and bitter IPA - it’s a little lighter, kinda fruity.  Still a little dry, but not bad. I enjoy it, and for an IPA - I could drink a few of these sitting outside.  

08 August 2017

2017 Indiana State Fair

For the last few years, beer has been sold at the Indiana State Fair, and each year I have done my best to support Indiana City Brewing by grabbing a beer of theirs.

This year I had to drink a Tribute, which isn’t my favorite beer they offer - but I couldn’t break tradition. 

It’s fun to watch the beer/wine/spirits industry growing here in the state.  

07 August 2017

977. 3 Floyd’s Necron 99

Not my jam.  
I love to support 3 Floyd’s - it’s just really hard for me to find their beers that I enjoy.  It’s a quality IPA, I can acknowledge that fact - but it’s too dry and too bitter for me. It’s also got an odd lingering after taste.  It’s not bad, and it’s not drymouth - but it’s blah.  It’s not overly hoppy, so it goes down smooth, but it does have the dry and bitter all around.  

03 August 2017

976. Short’s Brewing Power of Love

Super light and refreshing, crisp and eat to drink.  
I taste zero alcohol, just raspberry lemonade. 
Goes down easy and I enjoy the flavors.  
Nothing special, but on a hot summer day, it hits the spot. 

02 August 2017

975. 18th Street Dozer

Pretty blah beer. It tastes fine at first, a little heavier than a Miller Lite, and it goes down smooth. But the aftertaste it leaves is just dry enough that I do not enjoy it.