27 June 2020

1444. Big Lug Kristofferson

Oatmeal Pale Ale?
Ok...  it’s blah.  
It’s dry and hoppy.  
I don’t taste oatmeal. 
It’s fine.  I don’t hate it. 

1443. Avery Barrel-Aged Raspberry Sour

Oh my!!!  This is beyond delicious.  
The red raspberries POP with sour flavors, and the oak barrel aging doesn’t make it heavy to drink, it just make the flavors burst out even more than normal.  It’s still light - at 6% - and just makes my mouth pucker for another drink. 

I really enjoy this. 

1442. Breckenridge Nitro Raspberry Vanilla

Silky smooth and tart creamy delicious.
Oddly, the vanilla isn't present much in the flavor, but I feel like it blends with the nitro to make this beer go down as smoothly as it does.  The raspberry flavor is subtle but still present and tastes really good.

1441. BrewDog Overworks Dream Catcher

A sour...  with coffee?  This beer had me intrigued.  Upon the first drink, I  was still a little confused.
I'm confused because I like it.
I'm confused because it's sour.
I'm confused because there is definitely a coffee taste too.
The beer is really good.  I like it, more than I expected.
Good sour flavors, with this odd hint of coffee, but it's just subtle enough that it doesn't bother me.

1440. BrewDog Dumpster Fire

This beer is absolutely delicious.  Fruity and tart, with a perfect sour aftertaste that makes me yearn for another drink.  It's light ABV of 3.5% makes this something I could drink all day long.

17 June 2020

1439. Evil Genius Purple Monkey Dishwasher Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Tonight, we did S'mores on the new deck/firepit.
I usually enjoy my S'mores by using Reese Cups in place of the chocolate.
So, this was by far the most perfect beer to pair with my snack.
The beer is good and tasty, not as amazing as I hoped, the peanut butter is pretty subtle, but the chocolate is there for sure.

11 June 2020

1438. College Street Big Blue Van

A Blueberry Vanilla Wheat beer.
All of the flavors are perfectly balanced.
It's got a nice, smooth vanilla flavor up front while drinking, and the tart blueberries linger in the aftertaste.  It's a little thick and hazy, and it tastes really good.

1437. Huss Brewing Coconut Joe

A delicious Coconut beer.
Jeff and I killed two pitchers of this delicious beer, and I love it all.
Semi-sweet and creamy stout up front, and a very nice lingering coconut flavor in the back end.
I really enjoyed it.
I do regret not trying the blend our bartender suggested:  Like a snakebite - with their Coffee Porter on the bottom, and Coconut Joe on the top.  She said it was really good, but after two pitchers (and I don't really like coffee...), I felt like I didn't need to try it, but I wish I had.

08 June 2020

1436. Fate Brewing Buena Vista Blonde Ale

Nice blonde ale.  Nothing stands out, but its easy to drink and tastes good.

1435. Pedal Haus Biere Blanche Belgian Wheat

Good wheat beer, but again - nothing special about it.
Not sure why it won a GABF Gold...???

1434. Pedal Haus Day Drinker Light Lager

Just another "Glorified Miller Lite".
Nothing special.  It's a little on the "hoppy" side...  I am in Arizona and closer to the West Coast, so this should be expected.

06 June 2020

1433. Stone/The Bruery Fahrt Die Ziege

A Birthday Beer brought to me by Ryan Miller.
A delicious Belgian that we shared.  Great, powerful fruit flavors, and a big Belgian finish.  Really tasty.