13 May 2023

1769. Mashcraft Shiftwork

Hm.  Interesting small world, as I look back to make sure I hadn't previously drank any of these beers tonight.  All three of these breweries that were here tonight - Caitlin and I had visited their brewpubs together, all on the same day - when we hit eight breweries for Stout Day 2021.  That's neat.  Small - brewery - world.

Anyways, this beer was blah.   Probably the worst of the night.  And like, it's not BAD, but it just wasn't as good as the Hefes tonight.

1768. Garfield Hervey Street

Second Hefe of Sudzfest, this time from Garfield Brewing - another brewery that I went to once with Caitlin.

This was a tasty hefe, just a little bit more "pop" of flavor with this one.
Very light, and easy to drink with great flavor.
Nick, Michael, and I all ended up drinking this most of the night.

793 REVISITED: Planetary Astro-Combs Hefeweizen

And this is exactly why I REVISIT beers sometimes.
My original post for BEER #793 talks about it being watered down.

My buddy Nick invited me down to the GAK Park, because Sudzfest was going on.
And I will accept any excuse to hang out with Nick, but it's nice when German heritage and beer are also involved.

New breweries tend to have a watered-down problem, and that's what it looks like happened with Planetary.  Based on what I said when Caitlin and I went there, compared to drinking it tonight - there's a world of difference.  Today's Astro-Combs was full-flavored and tasted exactly like what I want from Hefe.  It was a lot better this time.

06 May 2023

1767. Sun King Brett Fusion

Garrett took the kids home, while Ben, Cara, and myself rolled over to Sun King so that Cara and I could play some Giant Chess together.

This beer was okay.  It wasn't as sour as I was hoping for from the "brett" - but it was still tasty enough.
Sadly, it was a little more dry than I tend to enjoy.

1766. Bad Dad Running with Scissors

Pizza sounded like a good idea for dinner, so the whole Miller clan, myself, and my buddy Ben all met up at Pies & Pints for dinner.  I've never had anything from Bad Dad, so this popped my "Bad Dad Cherry" and it was sadly an IPA.  But, it was pretty light and I didn't mind this beer.  Clay makes his Miller Cameo in this photo.

And then Garrett and I got really immature with "Scissoring" while drinking this beer...

1765. BIER Party Pal

A BIER double feature today.
Garrett also bought this Pale Ale, and it wasn't really my jam.  
It was fine, but it was dry and more bitter than I prefer.

1764. BIER Munich Dunkel

BAYERN MUNICH MATCH at the Muller Haus!!!

Garrett had purchased a few beers for the day, the first one being BIER's Munich Dunkel - appropriate for match day.  I'd never had it, and it was fine.  Exactly what a Dunkel should taste like.

Luna tried her hardest to get a drink of the beer, and Mason makes a Miller Cameo.

05 May 2023

1763. BrewDog Wit Space

I've been holding on this beer for a while now.
Not for any specific reason.  It was one of my only beers in my fridge (I still have some of that Deshitl coconut-not-coconut-at-all flavored crap, that I haven't brought myself to drink yet, in there also...)

Tonight, I'm having a mini-solo-celebration.
It's the weekend!
Yesterday was May the Fourth, and Jason and I released out fourth annual May the Fourth podcast episode.
Today is Cinco de Mayo, and I got some Qdoba for dinner.  (Would have preferred Luciana's, but I haven't been back there in the past year...)
AND, this week at work, I was told on the 17th, I will be moving into my office.  We have hired a new girl to do the front desk/phones, as I have continued to advance with the company, it's more to celebrate - and I'm still sadly doing it alone.

"Dateline" is back tonight with a new episode, and so I'm going to chill with this wit beer and watch the episode.

The beer is fine.  It's light, it's minorly dry, but still drinkable.  There's an odd flavor in the aftertaste.
Not bad.  Not great.  Drinkable.