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Bicycle Series

20 July 2019

1279. BrewDog Cybernaut

Smells very hoppy, but drinks very light and goes down easy.  Sadly, it does still leave my mouth very dry. Mild flavors, nothing really stands out. 

15 July 2019

1278. Melvin Heyzeus

Taco Night: Round TWO!
At the liquor store, I found a random can of Mexican Lager, so I grabbed it for my second helping of street tacos tonight.  

Much lighter than Pachanga, and a little more flavor. 

1277. Sun King Pachanga

Somehow I have never drank Pachanga. 
So, I drank it tonight. 
It’s a Mexican Lager. 
It’s fine. 
Caitlin swears I have drank this before.  
But, it’s not on the website.  So here it is. 

1276. Untitled Art Key Lime

Another good beer from Untitled Art.
I would have preferred (and expected) a lot more tart from this beer.  It’s got a good, creamy lime flavor in the aftertaste, but that’s really it.  Not fruity, and no tart punch.  Still a good beer. 

03 July 2019

1275. Three Floyd’s Lazer Snake

My buddy Phil brought these to Jason’s Fourth of July cookout. It’s exactly what I expected.  Tasty, but I don’t love it. 

1274. Goose Island SPF

There is no sun outside, so I probably don’t need any real SPF - so, I’m just going to enjoy some of these fruity gems from Goose Island.  They go down easy, and taste good.  Nothing amazing, but I like it. 

02 July 2019

1273. Golden Road Pineapple Cart

As mentioned in the previous post, I was super excited to find some “Cart” beers from Golden Road.  This one is pretty good - but nothing amazing.  The fruit flavors are simple and easy, and it’s just as smooth to drink as the last one.  The pineapple and strawberry flavors both linger quiete a bit, so that’s okay. Another pool beer, would be very refreshing outside. 

1272. Golden Road Melon Cart

Not too long ago (Beer #1243), I tried Golden Road’s Mango Carr when I was at Joe’s - and despite not writing any review, I do remember enjoying it a lot.

So, when I saw single cans of Melon Cart and Pineapple Cart - I wanted to try them.  Melon Cart is tasty.  Watermelon flavor is good, but not too powerful.  Adds a nice aftertaste once the light ale goes down very smoothly.  It’s tasty, and easy drinking.  Wouldn’t mind a few of these by the pool.