29 September 2013

316. Samuel Adams Tetravis

Bottle picked up by Jason in Boston earlier this year. It's a new Barrel Room Collection beer that I have not tried.

It's just okay. The New World Tripel still stands out as the only Barrel Room Collection that I like. The currant and the grapes just give it an odd flavor. It's smooth and goes down easy, but just tastes too grape-fruit like. 

1 comment:

  1. It tasted very earthy to me. Oh well.

    I am sort of enjoying this "Sam Adams Dark Depths Baltic IPA". It's almost like there is a lot of hop-iness to it, but it's all muted by something I cannot place. I think I need to start my own beer blog.

    And I really need an app for my Android phone to keep me from repeating bad beer buys.