28 April 2014

500. The Alchemist Heady Topper

Cue Bon Jovi, because I am "...halfway there..."

And boy, oh boy, did my brother make this a special one!  Only available in three states on the east coast - this is the #1 rated beer on Beer Advocate. 

Link to the List:

Link directly to the Heady Topper Reviews:

My brother secured one of these beers for me to help make this milestone of 500 a super special one!

First thing that is odd:

Drink from the can??!!??!!  Say what?
Well, ok. I'll follow your instructions!  However, I did pour out a nice 3oz glass to be able to drink "my way".

It's a really good beer - not my favorite - but that's just because it's a little more bitter than I prefer in the middle and the end. It's starts off very light and smooth going down, then begins to pick up some early citrus notes before drying out and getting bitter to the finish. It's serious a three-phase beer. It's just the third phase that's not my preference. Still, very high quality, and I can definitely understand it's appeal to beer drinkers. 


  1. Scott had a friend who went to the East Coast and brought back a case of them. He was nice enough to sell one to Scott. Who was nice enough to give it to me for this momentous occasion.

    This beer no longer sits at #1. It had dropped to #4 the last time I checked. The Pliny beers had taken numbers 1 and 3, I believe.