16 August 2014

TwoDEEP Redux

I wanted to give TwoDEEP a second chance. I wasn't impressed on my first visit, and I was coming downtown today, so I wanted to stop in again.

The plastic cups at the launch event turned me off. Plastic-aroma while drinking ruins many beers. Perhaps worse than chilled pint glasses. 

Sadly, the glassware did not drastically improve the quality. Most of the beers still lack distinct flavors. The Kunkel is still really enjoyable, but the others were how I remembered them. At the launch, I did not try the IPA, and I was very disappointed in it today. I am not a HopHead, but I can appreciate good flavored hoppy beers. This was dry, no flavor. 

I still dig the vibe, and as they brew more, and offer new flavors, I will still gladly come back and try them, and support what they are doing. I just hope they eventually get something I really find quality in. 

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