24 July 2016

823. Indiana City Big Biz

The website has been a little barren this past month.  That wasn't entirely on purpose, but Caitlin and I have been planning a vacation and knowing we will be out of town has caused us to be be going out a lot less this past month - to save money. So, this week will see lots of post from great Chicago Breweries as we go to a Bayern Munich match there, then head to St. Louis for a few days.  A Budweiser Tour, and hopefully finding three Missouri Beers for the Bicycle Series. Now, let's talk about Big Biz.  An imperial IPA from Indiana City.  It goes down smooth and easy, the hops aren't too bad up front and it has good flavors.  It finishes pretty dry, and that's the only thing I don't like.  It's one of the better IPAs I have ever had, and would gladly drink more.  Nice offering from my favorite Indiana Brewery.

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