01 August 2016

Second Summer Road Trip 2016

Following Caitlin and I's trip to Chicago, we stopped in Indy and picked up her daughter Lily and headed over to St. Louis for a few days.

Our first day found us at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, where we took the Museum Tour, which was filled with history of the company as well as stops in all the three of the National Museum buildings on campus.

Lily posed for a picture in their lobby...

Following the 70 minute tour of their campus, we relaxed in their Biergarten and enjoyed two baskets of their soft pretzels, while enjoying a few Budweiser products.

Their Underground Collection includes experimental beers that they do and only keg for events in St. Louis and for the brewpub.  I was happy to try their Double Dutch that afternoon.

These are the pretzels that were so good - we killed two baskets in under ten minutes.  Pretzels were amazing, as was the beer cheese and spicy mustard.

Following the brewery, we took a trip to the arch, and then ended up at Lily's Mexican Restaurant for an authentic dinner.  (Lily is obsessed with Mexican food, especially La Hacienda...)

Nice authentic dinner, to which I enjoyed a Bohemia Beer.

The next day found as at the St. Louis Zoo.

And after seven hours of walking around, I had earned myself a Bud Light as refreshment.

While in St. Louis, I was able to pick up twelve new beers.  Missouri has three brewers present in the Bicycle Series, and sadly I could not find one of them at any of the liquor stores I went to.  It appears another trip to St. Louis (maybe a more adult trip, where more Brew Pubs can be visited) will probably need to happen to try to get those three breweries checked off.

Both trips completed, and I find myself with a FULL fridge of 40-some new beers for the website!!!

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