06 December 2016

873. Figure Eight Raven Tor

I was surprised to learn the Figure Eight has been around since 2010.
This beer does not taste like something that comes from an established and time-tested brewery.  My biggest complaint about most new breweries - in the first year - is that they haven't learned how to balance their ingredients with water in larger batches, and it results in many watered down flavors.  I've personally gone to a few breweries for their openings, and been unimpressed.  Only to go back and try them a year or two later, and be far more impressed with what I previously felt was unbalanced.

This beer claims it is an Oatmeal Stout.
Sadly, it's light and watery, and goes down way too smoothly for a stout.  There is no body and heft to flavors.  There is a slight stout flavor that passes too quickly.  Caitlin did tell me that the beer tasted good after eating her chocolate cake - so I suppose that's something positive.

Sadly, tonight I was just really disappointed in Figure Eight.  One day I hope to make it their brewery and try some of their other offerings.  Hopefully that can change how un-impressed I am at this moment.

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