14 January 2017

THE END is in sight. Beers by the Numbers.

I started this website near the end of 2012. I registered the website in September and spent the last four months of the year getting everything caught up. Going through MySpace and Facebook posts looking for beers I had posted. Going through my iCloud and other Hard Drive back ups, trying to find all of the pictures I had taken over the years, to make sure I hadn't missed anything - and then I worked on the post for The First 152, based on the beers I knew I had drank, that I didn't have pictures of. Those first 152 are all pretty common beers, that I don't think anyone will ever challenge me on. A few of them, I have even done REVISITED posts just to confirm they have been drank.

2013 was the year I started keeping track hardcore - and it still remains my most successful year with 236 new beers drank.

I am coming up on 900.
Should be in the next week or two.
It will be from Revolution Brewing - one of my favorites. Also, Beer 1000 shall be the two variations of Batch 1000 from Revolution Brewing. 113 beers to go. There is no way that I won't hit my goal in 2017.

Then, I have to decide what the plan is for the website...

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