30 July 2017

974. Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

I have been waiting a long time to do this beer. 
When Dogfish Head first came to Indiana, I picked up the 60 Minute and the 90 Minute and put them away, waiting for the day I would do all three.  I saw the single 120 Minute bottles a few times, but was never in the mood to buy them - needing some serious time to mentally prepare what I expected to be a terrible drinking experience.  As this website is getting close and close to "the end" - I decided I needed to make this happen.

As you will see in my next post, I took this Sunday afternoon to indulge in 270 Minutes of Bliss.
And oddly, the 120 Minute was my favorite of the three.  It's a BIG beer, Dogfish’s website lists the ABV between 15% and 20%, which I believe - however, it does go down very smooth for being so big.  But it's enjoyable - I compare this beer to an Imperial Quad.  Or even a Bourbon Barrel aged ale.  It's big, it's thick, it's heavy - but the flavors are really good.  It's NOT as dry as I expected.  It is bitter up front, but there are also very good flavors in the back end, almost a fruity aftertaste.  NOT a the dry, "I need water!" that I was expecting.

I am very happy that I did this beer.

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