20 August 2017

988. Sun King Dragon’s Delight

I’m the past, I have tried to go downtown to try the Sun King Gen Con Beers in the midst of the excitement.  Sadly, this year my schedule didn’t allow it - and I had to grab a four pack from the Fisher’s location.  Still happy I did - and wish I could have been anongst my fellow nerds while I drink it for the first time.  

Very nice and malty drink filled with deliciousness. 
I enjoy the flavors, they are very robust and full - no dry or bitter anywhere.  It drinks easy, but feels very full.  After two drinks, I had to pause, feeling like my stomach was taking in something very heavy.  It’s tricky.  It seems light and easy to drink, but feels heavy in my stomach.  The flavors are very enjoyable.  

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