25 November 2019

1368. Indiana City Ash & Elm Eastsider

A little while ago, Michael Maier and I went out to Ash & Elm for food/drinks.
I had really high hopes that I would be able to get this either on draft or in a can while I was there, but sadly, it was not available.  So, I found some of their ciders that I really enjoyed that day.

So, the Eastsiders beer is tasty.
There is a very good apple aroma in the smell.
Upfront it almost has a wheat-beer-like flavor quality to it.  A little thicker than I expected, and a also a little dryer.  The apple flavor pops through while drinking it and lingers in the aftertaste.  It goes down smooth, and even a little heavier than I expected from this beer.  Really enjoyable.

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