02 December 2019

1371. Sun King Electric Reindeer

I was super hyped for this beer last holiday season, and by the time I tried to buy some - it was sold out at all the Sun King locations. 

Brown Ales are one of my favorite styles of beer, and I was really looking forward to this beer.  I came home tonight to learn that my sister-in-law happened to pick up a six pack for me (last year she went to Newfield’s and drank it there, and I told her how jealous I was - not sure if that’s where she picked it up today?)

Sadly, I don’t love this beer like I hoped.  The ginger and molasses just give it an odd duality of flavors.  It’s not bad, it’s just weird.  Like, it almost tries to make a cinnamon flavor, but it’s not.  It does do a good job of warming up the throat and body. 

So, I am super happy to have these beers, and will enjoy them in the holiday season.  

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