31 July 2020

1461. Founders Más Agave

This delicious beer was a gift from my buddy Garrett Miller. 
Yes, I have stepped up my Miller-Game, and now have both awesome brothers picking me up beers when they travel - I am truly blessed with the Miller Boys. 

On to the beer.  
A Lime Gose, aged in Tequila barrels. 
It’s delicious. 
It’s not a sour Gose, it’s very tart, and even that’s tamed down by the tequila - which gives it a nice smooth finish and reminds you that it was there. 
It’s light. It goes down easier than it should for a 10% ABV.

I really enjoy this beer!

I gave Garrett a shout-out for getting me this beer, as I drank it during this week’s Podcast episode (https://youtu.be/AT_hxDc7C9w).

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