01 August 2021

1661. Orpheus Brewing The Doughnut Revolution: Lime Coconut Sour Ale

Lime Coconut Sour Ale!
Guess what flavor is lacking?
Well, actually, the more it warms up, the more sleight hints of coconut I can taste in the backend.  
The beer is a delicious sour, I'm not really upset about the lack of coconut, because as a lime sour, it's really enjoyable.  I like the beer a lot.

Reading the can, I learned that it was paired with a local doughnut store called Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee, and this is based on a doughnut they have at this store.  So, that's kind of cool.  Next time I'm down in Atlanta, I would enjoy stopping in and trying this Lime Coconut Doughnut.

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