12 May 2021

1629. Voodoo Lacto-Kooler (Green)

This beer is one of my current favorites.
It is SOUR.  I mean, SOUR punch to your taste buds.
I grew up loving the Ecto-Cooler juice boxes, and this beer perfectly captures that taste.
It's very sour and lime at the beginning, and then as the sour fades, it leaves a very orange/citrus flavor that lingers. 
My mouth puckers when I drink this beer, and I long for another drink.
According to their website, there are like four other "color" flavors.
I would be curious to try them, but I am happy I got this one first - because it tastes EXACTLY like the drink I grew up with.

UPDATE:  After a few weeks of drinking a lot of these beers, I've learned I need to limit myself to ONE per drinking session.  The acidity from the orange/citrus in the beer, really starts to tear up my stomach and make me sick while drinking the second beer.  It's a terrible Catch-22, I love this beer, but I can't drink more than one.  (Which isn't really a problem now, I've bought out the liquor store that is close to me that carries them...  So, I need to find them somewhere else...)

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