22 July 2023

1778. Societe Chronic Con

In San Diego to visit my brother and spend time with my family.
San Diego Comic Con is going on, so I wandered around downtown San Diego, and was able to walk around outside of the Con, and check out the people.  I always love people watching at Comic Conventions.

I had a noon reservation for Kevin Smith's Mooby's Pop Up Restaurant.
I've been to the Louisville Mooby's and the Indianapolis Mooby's (It appears I never uploaded this picture?  So, I need to find this...?) - so I was super excited to add a third.
In each city, they partner with a brewery to brew a different Kevin Smith Themed Beer.

This one was fine.
It was a VERY West Coast IPA, so I didn't love it.
But, I was there more for the experience.  It's always fun to be surrounded by other Kevin Smith fans.

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