14 October 2023

Fall 2023 Update

 So.   It's been a while.
All of my photos going back to March have disappeared from the website.
So, I'm in the process of digging through my archives to get those photos re-uploaded (this is annoying).

A lot has been going on otherwise.
On August 14th, I had a heart attack.
Spent four days in the hospital, and was forced to make a lot of major life changes.
One of those changes, is drastically reducing the amount of beer I am allowed to drink.
Honestly, I probably would have shut down this website, if I had remembered to turn off my auto-renewal.  Since I didn't, I'm around for at least another year (well, like ten months, it renews on September 1st).

I've fallen behind on this website.
All the life changes have really affected my mentality in a pretty bad way, and all the progress I've made since the crap that happened to me last year - it kind of reverted back to a really badly depressed spot.  Dealing with all of this health stuff by myself, and not having someone to help and support me, really kicked that depression up into full gear for a while.  And it took me a while to accept everything, and make the mental commitment to what needs to be done.

So, the updates will be a little more sparse, but I will still randomly be enjoying my single beer from time to time.  

Anyways, my buddy Garrett called me out for being so far behind on the website.  As I've drank with him a few times since he got back from Florida, and none of those beers are up yet.  So, I'm going to fix the missing photos and get the new posts up this weekend.

Pete Davidson is FINALLY hosting SNL tonight.
His original hosting job was scheduled for the weekend that ended up being when the writer's strike began, so I've been waiting since May for this to happen.  Maybe I will dig into the fridge and find something special for tonight?

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