21 December 2013

445. Blue Moon Rounder

So....  This is the first questionable entry, that I'm forcing myself to justify.

Rounder is billed as a "Belgian Style Pale Ale".  When I pulled out my glassware, I noticed that the Blue Moon Pale Moon is described as a "Belgian Style Pale Ale" - which is a beer that is listed on the Original 152.

So, it's my fear that they are a very similar (if not the same) recipe. However, I hold to the notion, that since they changed they name, they did also make changes to the recipe. 

I drank the Pale Moon before I ever started paying attention to my beer, and I don't remember it. So, Rounders is an enjoyable beer, but I don't love it. It does have some nice Belgian flavor, goes down very smooth, and has no bitter aftertaste. Really, there's no aftertaste whatsoever. It's ok, I like it, I don't love it. 

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