25 December 2013

BREW DAY 1: Weiß Brüder Sudhaus HefeEINS

My goal for 2014 is to brew at least one batch of beer each month. It's a personal goal to help me learn more about malts and hops. Because my goal one day is to be a Master Cicerone. So, it's starting by learning the science behind it all. So, my brother and I teamed up to brew a beer together and we call it Weiß Brüder Sudhaus HefeEINS.  It's a Hefeweizen, I wanted to make sure I began my brewing life by paying tribute to my German heritage and love of all things German. 

So, there's a nice collage from the wonderful Christmas Day Brewing. All the ingredients, cooling/chilling the wort, pitching the yeast, and the bubbling airlock. 

It was an amazing day, and in about a month, I'll get to taste something I made myself!!!  Very excited for this step in life. 

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