07 June 2016

807. Dogfish Head Higher Math

My Birthday Beer!!!
807 on the 7th. It kinda works. 
WOW.  Technically a Barleywine. BIG on some crazy flavors.  The chocolate/cocoa nibs are there but in like a thick syrup-style flavor not just hints.  The "sour" cherry flavor is what creeps in the back end, almost like an afterthought of flavor. 

The beer is obviously pretty heavy, and drinks rather thick. Not smooth going down.  The flavors swirl around together and then leave you with an interesting - yet enjoyable - aftertaste. 

PROST to the 36th anniversary of the day which I was born. 🍻

And it's funny, after I wrote my review, I went to their website to check out their story on this beer - and it seems that we disagree on when the flavors come forward.  Very interesting!

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