11 June 2016

813. Indiana City Toasted Imperial

Very enjoyable beer, something I really enjoy.  Nice full bodied flavor up front - although I don't taste any fruit/citrus in the beer - and it finishes with a really good mellow coconut flavor. Mellow coconut.  Still not the full coconut that Kona once perfected - but better than most coconut beer.  This is something I would drink as often as I could and enjoy it.  Probably not something I could a lot of in one sitting, but I do really enjoy the flavors. 

June 18th, Follow Up. 

I really wanted to try the beer again, because I felt like I should have liked it more. And I am glad that I did.  The plastic cup last weekend definitely altered the test and caused the problem.  Today's drinking from a glass was much more enjoyable!!!  Really delicious beer.  Chocolate is very promenient, coconut still creeps in the back.  Delicious. 

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