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07 June 2019

1255. Pipeworks Super Pina Collider

It officially ticked past midnight, meaning I am yet another year old, and need to celebrate with a beer. 

I’ve been saving this big boy for this moment.  

...and I’m really disappointed.  

White stouts tend to be really good...
Bourbon Barrel Beers tend to be really good...
I love coconut flavor, when I can taste it...

This beer isn’t bad.  It’s just not good.  The bourbon flavor is there.  The aroma is fruity, but no coconut. The taste is...  hard to describe.  It’s literally bourbon up front, with a bourbon aftertaste.  Not much in the middle.  Clocking in at 12%, and my disdain for it...  I don’t know if I’m going to finish it.  Disappointing, this is the only beer from Pipeworks I have ever disliked...

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