24 October 2020

1485. Avery Brewing Coconut Porter

This was a gift from my buddy Garrett Miller.
He knows my love of coconut beers, and he saw this one and picked it up for me.
Oddly, I thought I had drank it before - but Garrett even went so far as to check this website before he bought it, and this beer was not on the website.  So, if I have drank it - I never recorded it.
Until now.
Tonight, Garrett and his brother Ryan, and their female counterparts all came over to join Caitlin and I on the patio for a Double Feature of "Halloween" (1978) and "Halloween" (2018).  

It was a wonderful evening, and this was a wonderful beer.  It was big and powerful, and had a sleight and subtle hint of coconut flavor.  It was very delicious, and I really enjoyed it.

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