06 February 2021

1568. New Glarus Wisconsin Belgian Red

Perviously, Ryan Miller has given me this beer.  I vividly remember drinking it with him at his house in Broad Ripple.  However, it never made it onto the website.  So, now I am posting one that Garrett gave me.  (And of course, I didn't notice that my camera had focused on Garrett - and not the beer.  So, that's a bummer that the beer bottle is out of focus....)

This was probably my favorite New Glarus before I drank the Raspberry Tart.  The cherry flavor is this beer is BIG, and really delicious.  However, it's not as sour or tart as the Raspberry Tart.  It's still got minor tart and sour flavor to it, but nothing as powerful as the Raspberry Tart.  Still, it's a delicious beer, and I enjoyed every single drink of it.

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