06 February 2021

1569. Rochester Mills Orange Whip

I've been a huge fan of Rochester Mills in the past two years because of their Milkshake Stouts.
So, I thought I might enjoy a Milkshake IPA.  I'd recently had an IPA with lactose and vanilla and that seemed to make some enjoyable flavors.

Sadly, it did not work with me and this beer.
The dry and bitter IPA was too overpowering for the orange and vanilla flavors to come through.  
There was some minor orange, but no "creamy" flavor to go with it.  The more I allowed it to warm up, the more the orange flavor started to stand out - but there was never any "creamy" to go along with it.  I had hoped for a melted Creamsicle type flavor, and this was nowhere near that.

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