19 September 2022

1693. Untitled Art Doughnut Pastry Stout

This beer was a gift from my buddy Steve.  He'd stocked up a few beers for me in his fridge, and brought them to Shanetoberfest to give me. 

Tonight, I decided to try and take another crack at Chapter 2 of the newest novel - it's been an emotionally rough one for me to write, as I'm combining a lot of details from Caitlin and I's early dates into the first date of my main characters.  So, since a little beer always seems to get my creative juices flowing, I popped this beer open.

It does have some serious quality to it, but I just don't really enjoy the flavor overall.
The smell is GREAT, it really has an amazing aroma to it.  I smelled both the can and glass many, many times because of how enjoyable it was.

The drink hits really hard with a chocolate taste up front - which is fine - but it finishes with a super-sugary/syrupy flavor to it.  It was more like cane sugar, or confectionery sugar - like perhaps even a molasses flavor?  Whatever it was, I didn't enjoy it.  And, I let it warm up for a good 30 minutes to see how that would alter the flavor, and it did nothing.  

Very quality beer, I just didn't really care for it.

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