30 September 2022

1694. Fall City Ottofest

Oktoberfest ends in three days, and I've still got a few Oktoberfest beers in the fridge to drink this weekend.  It's a Friday, a Bayern Munich Match Day, and I'm off work.  So, It's time to try this Festbier.

Remember when I called Switchyard, "Oktoberfest Lite"?  Well, this is kind of the opposite.  Almost too strong and powerful in flavor.  It's got a great aroma to it, and the taste is thick and a little overbearing.  It's fine to drink, the flavors are good, but it's not easy to drink.  Glad I only have one of these to drink, because that's probably all I would be able to handle.

Also, I obviously love the name of "Otto" being included in the beer's name.  Miss you, Jimmy.

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