13 May 2023

793 REVISITED: Planetary Astro-Combs Hefeweizen

And this is exactly why I REVISIT beers sometimes.
My original post for BEER #793 talks about it being watered down.

My buddy Nick invited me down to the GAK Park, because Sudzfest was going on.
And I will accept any excuse to hang out with Nick, but it's nice when German heritage and beer are also involved.

New breweries tend to have a watered-down problem, and that's what it looks like happened with Planetary.  Based on what I said when Caitlin and I went there, compared to drinking it tonight - there's a world of difference.  Today's Astro-Combs was full-flavored and tasted exactly like what I want from Hefe.  It was a lot better this time.

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