05 May 2023

1763. BrewDog Wit Space

I've been holding on this beer for a while now.
Not for any specific reason.  It was one of my only beers in my fridge (I still have some of that Deshitl coconut-not-coconut-at-all flavored crap, that I haven't brought myself to drink yet, in there also...)

Tonight, I'm having a mini-solo-celebration.
It's the weekend!
Yesterday was May the Fourth, and Jason and I released out fourth annual May the Fourth podcast episode.
Today is Cinco de Mayo, and I got some Qdoba for dinner.  (Would have preferred Luciana's, but I haven't been back there in the past year...)
AND, this week at work, I was told on the 17th, I will be moving into my office.  We have hired a new girl to do the front desk/phones, as I have continued to advance with the company, it's more to celebrate - and I'm still sadly doing it alone.

"Dateline" is back tonight with a new episode, and so I'm going to chill with this wit beer and watch the episode.

The beer is fine.  It's light, it's minorly dry, but still drinkable.  There's an odd flavor in the aftertaste.
Not bad.  Not great.  Drinkable.

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