23 June 2023

1771. Brew Link Double-O

So, I took some of the beers that Ryan Miller gave me, and passed them on to my buddy John Peddie - so that he could try them for his BEER BLOG (I mean, I guess it's really a real blog that covers more than beer, but that's where he talks about beer, so I consider it a Beer Blog, despite the fact it's more than that...  Whatever...)

ANYWAYS!  I made sure I could catch Peddie at work, and when I arrived, I was happy to find that he had a gift for me in return!

And it's a gift that I am REALLY excited about.
This is a beer I've been wanting to try for years.
And I thought I had tried Brew Link before - I really thought Brandon Yotter had given me some back when we worked together.  But, according to my own website - I've never drank anything from them.

I was never willing to go all the way out to Plainfield to their Brewpub, and even though I saw some of their beers at the liquor store - if it's an Indiana brewery that I can visit, that's how I like to try their beers for the first time.  But, it never happened.  Peddie reminded me that they took over the former Two Deep Brewery - and now I need to find the time to head in there (it's still a trek from me, but half the distance to Plainfield).

So, after work today, I finally made the time to hit the grocery, and I just couldn't convince myself to buy an entire package of Oreos (I really try to avoid sweets, due to my lack of self control) - so, instead, I grabbed a small package of the Cakesters Oreos, and I thought that would be good enough.

So, the beer is good - but I think my expectations were too high.
I like the beer, it's nice and chocolatey and a little creamy.
I think I wish it was a little sweeter, it's just kind of dry upfront, and oddly, doesn't stay dry.
Which is good, and I like that.  As it warms up, it doesn't seem to alter the flavor very much.

Pair it with the Cakesters also doesn't really seem to have much an affect.
So, it's a really tasty beer, that's only fault is that it didn't live up to what I wanted.

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