18 June 2023

The Tomb of Millerkhamun

Yesterday, I was headed down to Franklin to meet up with my buddy Troy, so we can grab dinner at The Willard, and then go to the Artcraft for their 35mm print showing of "Dazed and Confused".

My phone rang, and it was Ryan Miller.  He had an offer for me, and we agreed on a meeting time today.

When I showed up at the house he was moving out of, he opened the beer fridge in his garage, and said, "I have nowhere to store these at the new house.  Whatever you don't take, I'll have to throw away, so take whatever you want."

And looking in his fridge, I must have felt the same emotions as Howard Carter when he opened Tutankhamun's tomb.  There were Dark Lord beers, there is a special Dark Lord variant, multiple Bourbon Country variants, there were Taxman Evasion variants that have been aging since 2018.  There's random Sun King small batch beers, Untitled Art beers, New Glarus beers (not available here in Indiana), and there's a Lost Abbey. 

The fridge lit up like the briefcase from "Pulp Fiction".

Ryan's only stipulation is that I have to hold onto the Dark Lord Variant for him to come over and drink with me.  And that's something I have no problem doing.

I barely drink at home there days, but every now and then - I'll find something special from this lot to enjoy.

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