16 May 2016

784. Ballast Point Watermelon Dorado

This beer tricked me. Hardcore. 
If you read this website, you know I am not a fan of IPAs.  I drink them, I tend to not enjoy them. So, let's address the fact that this is a Double IPA.  First sign I probably won't like it. 

Here's why this beer confuses me:  When drinking it, I actually enjoy the flavor.  The hints of watermelon are good and it starts to go down really smooth.  The exact second that I stop drinking, it's like a wave crashing on my tongue, and I can feel the dry, hoppy, bitterness flowing over my tongue. And that sucks. 

So, I like the first 33% of the flavor of this beer - but then it makes me regret ever drinking it. If that punch-of-hops doesn't bother you - this is one you should try. 

In typical fashion - Miller's photobomb game has been on point tonight. 

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