28 May 2016

800. BrewDog Dead Pony Club

Eighty percent of the way done. 

This beer was a gift from my good friend Claire.  She recently visited Ireland and brought me back a few beers from one of my favorite breweries. 

This is a true session beer, very light and easy to drink.  (Odd to be drinking a session beer from the guys who own world records in brewing the highest gravity beers ever...) I could drink this all day long.  Nice flavors, minor amounts of bitters but nothing terrible. 

Of course, when drinking a BrewDog beer, I have to watch "Brew Dogs" - their shows on Esquire.  Tonight, Caitlin and I are enjoying the Philadelphia episode in honor of the holiday weekend.  This episode involves brewing on a float during a Fourh of July parade. 

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