26 February 2019

Peddie's Beer-O-Rama

I love and respect John Peddie.
Like, seriously, a lot.
And this posting is long, long overdue.
But, despite that love and respect - I have to stay real with my beer drinking.

First, Peddie has started tracking his over beverage drinking on HIS BLOG-O-RAMA.

Second, he is knocking on his 75th Beer Post - and that's DOPE!  As I explain to everyone who asks me "WHY" I do my website, instead of using an App like Untappd - my explanation is simple:  With an App, I check off 1,000 different beers and claim that I drank them all - without any verification.  There is literally no accountability whatsoever for the use of the App.  Yes, you can upload a picture, but you aren't required to.  This website, shows you the beers I drink, it shows you the special occasions where I drink beers, it shows you the milestone beers and the friends I have to drink them with.  I know that Post-1000, my posts have been much more bare.  Not many reviews (to the consternation of my wife, who likes to read my thoughts on beers) and less event drinking.  All things I want to try and work on in the future.  I have intentions of starting a Podcast in 2019, and beer will be playing a part of that Podcast.

Third, he is an anarchist for his beer drinking method.  Frosted Mugs?  Yeah.  You read that right.  Crazy dude, drinks delicious libations from the coldest possible vessel known to the Hop and Barley Gods.  It's insane.  (However, I will admit that I am jealous of his Peddie Mug, and the John O Mug is dope.  They would both be more dope if they told John to keep them at room temperature).
Craft Beer, Paste Magazine, and VinePair all have great explanations why this is blasphemy for aromatic deliciousness that these brewers pour their hearts and souls into perfecting.

That's why I use a nice Wine Fridge to keep all my beers at 41 degrees, and perfectly ready to warm up a bit before drinking.  In Peddie's FIRST POST ON THE TOPIC, he tells the awesome story of our insanely heated argumentative debate (FAKE NEWS, it was a totally chill conversation) over how to drink beer - and why he decided to start posting pictures of depressing beers who know they were brewed for a purpose, and deserve better than a frosty death.

The above picture comes from the BrewDog Brewery in Canal Winchester, OH.

So, at some point when Peddie was in his 50s, I was noticing that it was very hit and miss if I had also drank the beer he was posting about, and I wanted to do a side-by-side.  But, you know, I'm lazy.

Well, tonight is the night that I get off my lazy butt, and the sit down on my lazy butt, with a beer in hand - and I see how many of Peddie's First 74 Beers, I've drank.  Grab a non-frosty beer and join me for this ride.  Prost!

Let's look at Peddie's Beers!

1.  Urban Artifact Phrenology IPA.  Nope.
2.  Three Floyds Zombie Dust IPABeer 273 for me.
3.  New Belgium Citradelic Exotic Lime Ale. My Beer 782 is Citradelic, but claims to be Tangerine.
4.  Black Acre Natural Liberty American Pale Lager.  Nope.
5.  Black Acre Saucy Intruder Rye IPAMy Beer 730.
6.  Cannon Ball One Night in Bangkok.  Nope.
7.  Daredevil Slipstream Pale Ale.  Nope.
8.  Daredevil Lift Off IPA.  Nope.
9.  Indiana City Tribute Pale AleMy Beer 478.
10.  Sun King Dragon's Delight Belgian Golden AleMy Beer 988.
11.  Flat 12 My Name is AmberMy Beer 258.
12.  Horny Goat Hopped Up and Horny.  Nope.  Done two others from this brewery...
13.  Central State Polyjuice PotionBeer 1160.
14.  Central State HalsdurchschlagBeer 1114.

Beers 15 to 37 are all in his Great Northwest Beer Run Post.  Please notice that there are no photos in this post, which leaves me with hope that these are the best beers he has ever drank - because I pray they were NOT served in frosty-disgusting-drinking-vessels...
15.  Hale's Ales Palladium Pale Ale.  Nope.
16.  Pike IPA.  Nope.
17.  Reuben's Brews Roasted Rye IPA.  Nope.
18.  Grand Teton 208 Session Ale.  Nope.
19.  Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA.  Nope.
20.  Big Sky Moose Drool.  Nope.
21.  Draught Works Scepter Head IPA.  Nope.
22.  Great Northern Going to the Sun IPA.  Nope.
23.  Great Northern Wild Huckleberry Lager.  Nope.
24.  Big Sky IPA.  Nope.
25.  Red Lodge Bent Nail IPA.  Nope.
26.  Flathead Lake Goat's Beard Ale.  Nope.
27.  Harvest Moon Beltian White.  Nope.
28.  Lewis & Clark Glacier Golden Ale.  Nope.
29.  Great Northern Wheatfish Wheat Lager.  Nope.
30.  Lewis & Clark Tumbleweed IPA.  Nope.
31.  Great Northern Big Mountain Tea Pale Ale.  Nope.
32.  Draught Works my Ruca American Pale Ale.  Nope.
33.  Tamarack Bear Bottom Blonde Ale.  Nope.
34.  Glacier Golden Grizzly Ale.  Nope.
35.  Tamarack Yard Sale Amber Ale.  Nope.
36.  Fernie What the Huck Wheat Ale.  Nope.
37.  Mill St. Original Organic Lager.  Nope.

38.  Grand Junction One With Nature IPA.  Nope.
39.  Black Acre Hop Pun Double IPAMy Beer 1139.
40.  BrewDog Elvis JuiceMy Beer 1029.
41.  Rhinegesit Truth IPAHuh.  I know I've drank this.  It's never been on the website...?
42.  Central State Garden. My Beer 1101.
43.  Deer Creek Deerfly American IPAI still haven't made it to their TapRoom...
44.  Flat 12 Half Cycle IPAMy Beer 220.
45.  Chilly Water Blood on the Tracks IPA.  Nope.
46.  Chilly Water The Wall Berliner Weiss.  Nope.
47.  SweetWater Mosaic Single Hop Hazy IPA.  Nope.
48.  Indiana City Kick Off.  Nope. I planned to buy some for the first Colts game, then I forgot.
49.  Sun King GFJMy Beer 557, I drank it when they still called it Grapefruit Jungle.
50.  Metazoa Hoppopotamus.  Nope.
51.  Sun King SKB IPA.  Nope.
52.  Taxman Exemption.  Nope.  Somehow, I've drank 20 beers from Taxman, and missed this one?
53.  Sun King Foxy Jam Pants.  Nope.
54.  18th Street Here Comes the Reaper.  Nope.
55.  Highland Brewing Mandarina IPA.  Nope.
56.  Wiseacre Ananda IPA.  Nope.
57.  Yee-Haw IPA.  Nope.
58.  Evil Czech Evil Czechmunk.  Nope.
59.  18th Street Citra Express Session Pale Ale.  Nope.
60.  Farm Island Organic IPA.  Nope.
61.  Indiana City Mythical Apothecary.  Nope.
62.  Triton Brewing Pale Splitter APA.  Nope.
63.  Short's Brewing Slurm LordMy Beer 984.
64.  Central State Moon Machine.  Nope.
65.  Hoosier Brewing Cosmic Crush Hazy IPA.  Nope.
66.  Indiana City Direwolf Diner Dry-Hopped IPA.  Nope.
67.  Hoosier Brewing Shake-ItNope.  But, I WANT this!
68.  Indiana City Brut IPA.  Nope.
69.  Evil Czech Nefarious Harbor.  Nope.
70.  18th Street Rise of the Angels.  Nope.
71.  Black Acre TV Wolf.  Nope.
72.  Black Acre Emodynamics.  Nope.
73.  450 North 450 NugsNope.  I'm sad I've still never tried anything from 450.  Sadface.
74.  Elysian Dayglow.  Nope.

Whew.  There we go.
We only have 14 beers in common, out of his 74.
His Northeastern trip sure hit a lot of nice options that aren't around here.

I can't wait to see what John does for 75, and then I will be anxiously awaiting his 100th beer who shall die a sad, agonizing death at the hand of a frosty mug.

I look forward to my nest beer with Peddie, I didn't get much face time with him the last time the Keystone group went out for beers - I showed up late due to a family dinner.  And since Pedie doesn't have a cell phone, I will probably have to shoot him an email to his AOL.com account and hope that he goes to the library to check his mail during study hall, and maybe he can reply back with a time and date for us to get that next beer.  Cheers!

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