10 August 2019

1300. 18th Street The Fox and the Hunted

Beer #1300!!!
And it magically became something extra special. 
Last night, Caitlin and I learned Lily was going to be at a sleepover tonight - which meant we got a date night on a Saturday night!

So, we made our rounds with some drinks. 
Then decided to get some food at Ale Emporium - which was the site of Caitlin and I’s first date. 

Years before that, we met at Fox & the Hound Pub - and Ale just happened to have a beer called The Fox and The Hunted - which was close enough.  

Lucky, it is a porter.  Which is a style that Caitlin likes.  

And!  It’s an Indiana Beer - which is something to try to do for many “Milestone Beers” - unless I have something planned out of town. 

The Fox and the Hunted is a very smooth and rich Porter. It’s very enjoyable.  There isn’t anything magical that stands out - but I really do enjoy it. And it was the perfect beer for this Date Day.  Happy to hit this milestone, with the Love of My Life. 

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