31 August 2019

1314. Clown Shoes Coconut Sombrero

Mexican-Style Chocolate Stout with Coconut. 
I was curious...  because I’ve had some Mexican-Style Lagers, but never a Stout.  So, I wasn’t sure what that meant.  And then I learned.  And I didn’t like it. 

The chocolate goes down really smooth, with a very light coconut flavor.  (Always too light for me, but at least there was some).  And I was really enjoying the beer for a second.  

Then...  the “Mexican-Style” kicked in.  
SPICY in the backend.  
Like a single flake of red-Pepper spicy.  
Not crazy bad, but not what I wanted after chocolate and coconut together.  It would be like pouring Franks Red Hot onto a Mounds bar. 

The beer overall is fine, I’m adjusting to the aftertaste. 

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