02 October 2022

1695. Boulevard More S'More

 I ended up being convinced to come out and join Snow, Steve, and Biscuit for the Colts game.
Snow ordered this beer, and we all ended up sharing it in small doses, as it is an 11% ABV Big Boy.
Honestly, I was happy with my two drinks, and probably wouldn't have wanted to finish an entire one.

The beer is delicious.  It's aromas are perfect, and give off a wonderful chocolatey/marshmallow scent.
The chocolate flavor is very thick and strong up front, and you can tell its aged itself into the Big Boy it is.
The lactose kicks in for the marshmallow flavor pretty quick and helped smooth the beer out as it goes down.
The marshmallow flavor lingers for a while, and then there is a subtle graham flavor that creeps in the end.

Overall, this is a delicious and high quality beer, but being so strong, I don't need to drink a whole one - so, I was happy with what I had.

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