15 October 2022

1699. Elysian Chucky

I had to rush these last couple of beers, because I have a man-sports-date with the Miller Brothers tomorrow to watch a lot of football and fútbol and fußball tomorrow and we have Beer 1700 picked out to celebrate together. 

So, last night I drank Nosferatu, and tonight I’m drinking Chucky.  Really enjoying the horror season with my beers. Last night I watched the new crappy “Halloween Ends” and tonight, I’m catching up on the first two episodes of “Chucky” Season 2.

Man, this beer isn’t my jam. 
It gets the flavors - sadly, it’s not flavors I enjoy. 
I give them credit, it’s a quality beer that nails it’s pumpkin upfront and cranberry finish for flavors. I just don’t care for pumpkin flavoring, and if you search this site - it’s very rare that I enjoy the flavor. 

So, if you like pumpkin and cranberry - you should enjoy this. 

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