24 April 2023

1762. Scarlet Lane Bruce's Groovy Brew

On the day that I went to Pax Verum with the Joe's Crew, it was decided that we were going to go see Bruce Campbell's Bruce-O-Rama when it came to town.  Bruce was coming to do a game show and screen "Army of Darkness".  A group of six of us decided to go...  And then I completely forgot about it until three days before, when Snow texted the group about our meeting time and place.

And as excited as I was for the event, I didn't know how much more excitement was in store, when we showed up and saw that Scarlet Lane did an "official" beer for the event.

So, there is a beer that's missing from this website - and it's one of my all-time favorite beers, and I don't know how it never got posted.  A few years ago, Horrorhound's annual event had a screening of "Scream" downtown at the IMAX, and I went solo and drank a beer from Scarlet Lane called Screamsicle.  IT WAS AMAZING.  It had the perfect blend of orange and lactose to make it orange-creamy, and tasted exactly like drinking a dreamsicle while it was melting.  It was amazing - and I don't know how or why it never got posted on here.  If I ever re-activate my Facebook, I need to find the photo from that night, because I know montaged a few pictures from that disappointing evening (the cast never showed up to the Q&A we were promised at the showing, because their lines were too long at Horrorhound...)

Anyways, Scarlet Lane was a favorite brewery when Caitlin and I were together.
I enjoyed their horror elements, and she was often happy with their stout options.
So, I'm a big fan of Scarlet Lane, and was so happy to see them make a beer for tonight.

The beer is fine.  I don't love it.  It's a little drier and most bitter than I enjoy, but not to a terrible level.
It was very drinkable, and the whole group enjoyed a number of them together.

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