09 December 2020

1503. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Peppermint Porter

Well, this beer is something special.
However, you HAVE TO let the beer warm up.
Caitlin and I both had our first drink when it was pretty cold, less than five minutes out of my beer fridge (42 degrees).  And it had a good bourbon porter flavor up front, and then the peppermint slowly creeped in the backend, and then lingered for a while.

I let Caitlin drink most of the beer, because she really loved the flavor - but about ten minutes later, she said, "You HAVE TO try this now that its warmed up..."

And WOW!  It was a totally different flavor - in the best possible way.  The bourbon wasn't as powerful in the front, it was much more mellow and actually brought out some strong chocolate notes to the beer, and then the peppermint hints a lot harder and actually leaves a Thin Mints flavor in your mouth.  It was a real treat to drink, and I plan to buy some more for this holiday season!

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