11 December 2020

1506. Taxman S’morecast

At the liquor store, I couldn’t remember if I like this beer - so I came here to my website to see what review I wrote about. But, there was NONE!  I swear I’ve drank this before, but it’s not on the website, so here it is now!

The beer is okay, is really light and easy to drink and goes down really well.  No bitterness at all, but only a mild sweetness.  The beer MUST be allowed to warm up.  I let it sit for about ten minutes before my second drink, and it was far superior.  

As the beer warms up, the chocolate flavor emerges, and despite the fan saying cacao, it’s not chalky, it’s smooth. Sadly, I don’t get many of the other flavors. There may be a slight “graham” flavor that lingers, but it’s very subtle.  Luckily, I don’t taste any of the molasses. 

It’s a tasty beer, but it’s nothing special. 

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