26 January 2021

January Beer Box

Got my second Beer Box, as part of my Christmas Present from Caitlin.
Recently, Caitlin had gone on one of Goodwill Glassware Binges, and ended up getting me a glass from 3 Sheeps Brewing.  SMALL WORLD - that we later found out that 3 Sheeps Brewing was going to be included this month!  Very serendipitous.

From 3 Sheeps, I ended up getting a Juicy IPA.  IPAs don't tend to be in my taste-bud-wheelhouse, but I'm hoping it's nice and juicy and makes it tolerable.  Their second beer is a Chocolate Milk Stout, and Caitlin and I are both really excited to try this - in the glass she randomly found!

From Zipline, we got a Kolsch and Nut Brown.  Both are styles that I really like, so I'm hoping Zipline provides from quality products!

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