24 January 2021

1541. Sun King Lil' Freckles

I debated about counting this as it's own beer - since it's technically a mixture.
However, since Sun King is marketing and sell it as its own beer, I figured I would follow suit.

This beer is a blend of Amber Has Two Moms (which I just looked for on the website, and can't find?  Which sucks, because I know I've drank this beer...?) and Sunlight Cream Ale, which was one of my Original 152 Beers that I drank before I started this website.

This mixture is fine.  It's good, but it's nothing amazing.  It's a light ale, it has a creamy texture to it, and there are some hints of the Amber/Red Ale flavor in the aftertaste.  It's easy to drink, and goes down smooth.  It's just nothing special.

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