10 February 2023

1739. Victory Berry Monkey

It's a Pacers Friday Night!
And I had an amazing week at work, so I'm in the mood to celebrate all the good and amazing things that are going on in my work life.  I'm probably going to have a couple of beers tonight, and the first one is another Monkey from Victory.

BEER 812 was the Golden Monkey.
BEER 1082 was the Sour Monkey.
And tonight, it's the Berry Monkey.

Berry Monkey is okay.  
It's not very sour or tart, like it is  little bit, but I think the 9.5% ABV hurts the flavor.
The beer isn't bad, but it wasn't what I was hoping for.
This beer is kind of putting a damper on my celebratory mood...
Victory at work, not in my pint glass.
Hopefully my next choice is superior to this.

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