12 February 2023

1741. Four Day Ray Mystic Ember

Super Bowl Beer #1!
My original plan was to find a Kansas City beer and a Philly Beer, and then drink whichever one of them won the Super Bowl.
Then I was thinking about getting those two beers and drinking one each half, based on whoever had the first possession in each half.
But then I would need one more from each city, so that I could drink to whoever the winner was.
And in typical Shane fashion, I completely talked myself out of even trying this, because I was giving myself so much anxiety over it.

Instead, I'm starting off the Super Bowl with the beer that was given to me by my buddy Ray.
A Four Day Ray from Ray.  That was cute.

It's  a good rauchbier.  I enjoy it, but I think I would honestly enjoy it more around the campfire.
I don't know exactly why, by the flavors of this beer, invoke the memories of a campfire, and I think this beer would be a good one for a chilly night, that's warmed up with a fire.  

The smokiness gives the beer a warm flavor, but it's also light enough that it's refreshing and doesn't leave my mouth dry.  So, I dig it.  But, also think I would only give it another go under the conditions I previously mentioned.

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