03 February 2023

1736 Hidden Springs Riot Juice

Went to a showing of "The Room" at the Kan Kan Theatre, it was my first time there, and I was happy to see some sours that I have never had.  The first one I tried was Riot Juice, and it was pretty good.  Nice tart, but hard to really enjoy out of the can.  The beer smelled good, but I got none of that aroma when I was drinking it.  So, not a lot of flavors came through, but it was a nice tart, and mildly sour berry taste.  I enjoyed it, and would like to try it again with glassware.  (They do have a full bar, and I probably could have asked for a glass from them, I bought this beer at their concession stand, and didn't think about the bar until I was already seated.)

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